VELUDA WATER FILTERS  believes that its success depends on the continuous supply of high quality products that meet the expectations of its customers.

The objective of the company is the manufacture, assembly, marketing, installation and maintenance (wholesale - retail) of water purification systems for domestic and professional use, which satisfies the requirements of customers and consumers, in relation to quality, environmental protection , hygiene & safety of the final product.

To achieve this, it is committed to the allocation of resources and the implementation of procedures that will continuously strengthen the culture of food safety in its staff, the protection of the environment and the achievement of quality objectives. It supports that each employee is responsible for achieving the company's commitment to the quality, environmental management and safety of its products, with the successful performance of their duties, having developed awareness for their participation in the requirements of the systems management.

The company's principles regarding quality, environmental management & food safety are the foundations of management's commitment to achieving the goals of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 22000 management systems..

Quality, environmental management and food safety, for the company, is not simply limited to the production of safe, recyclable and quality products. Safety, environmental management and quality means respect for its consumers, employees and partners.

In this context, the management and every employee of the company is committed to:

● in establishing, documenting and maintaining a Quality, Environmental Management and Food Safety system, which recognizes, assesses and controls the risks related to safety and environmental management at all stages before and after the production and distribution of the products,

● in the application of Greek, Community and Third-Country Legislation on matters of environmental protection, product safety and the rules of good industrial practice,

● in the manufacture, assembly, marketing, installation and maintenance of quality products, satisfying the demands of consumers, the sustainability of the company and the environmental responsibilities and responsibilities of the staff,

● in providing excellent quality services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers, as well as ethical trade, product hygiene and safety

● in establishing strategies for the safety and quality of our products in our annual business planning processes;

● in establishing annual safety and quality targets at both individual and group level for all our activities, as well as for the sustainability of the company 

● in communicating our strategies and performance in environmental, food safety and quality achievement to all partners as well as key external stakeholders;

● in ensuring the continuation of our performance in terms of quality, environmental management, and product safety in accordance with ISO 22000 / ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 standards.

● human rights and workers' rights regarding wages, working hours, working environment and resource allocation;

● in matters of environmental awareness,

● in matters of health and safety in the workplace and the non-employment of children,

● in the confirmation of the effectiveness of the management systems we use through internal and external control procedures recognized by International Standards and internal and external communication with the relevant agencies,

● in our effort to ensure that our suppliers feel the same commitment to safety, environmental management and product quality and monitor the materials they supply with the help of checks and inspections of incoming products

● in the effort to implement its goals, which concern all the company's processes and have been communicated to the respective departments (Finance Sales - Procurement - Warehouse - Production, etc)  and to all staff.

The company's dedication to quality management, environmental requirements and food safety, in the entire range of its activities and functions, is a commitment of the management and all employees and an integral part of their daily work.

In order to achieve its specific objective, the company has defined a system of planning, implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement of its activities and has organized the management of its resources (human resources, equipment, materials, production, quality control, etc.) according to the requirements and conditions of the ISO 14001 / ISO 22000 / ISO 9001 standards.