The Carbon Block is a carbon-carbon filter and consists of 100% coconut.

Compact activated carbon filters from coconut bark are 100% natural product. Solid  activated carbon is essentially a wall through which water must pass in order to be filtered. Water is forced to penetrate the filter  and  filtered  by various harmful substances such as chlorine, chloroform, suspended particles, sand, rust, mud, soil, total organic carbon, industrial organic compounds, dissolved organic compounds, organic paint, dissolved iron, manganese and various others. They are available in a wide variety of sizes  and fit most commercial water filters according to their dimensions.


  • Material: Solid Carbon from coconut bark

  • Maximum pressure: 7.5 bar
  • Maximum temperature 52 C°
  • Filtering Resource: 10micron
  • Internal Diameter: 28mm
  • External diameter: 70mm (slim) & 113mm (big blue)

Available in 25 pieces.