Jasper filter jug

JASPER water jug with its powerful and high-tech MAXFOR + filter improves the taste and smell of your drinking water by reducing the harmful substances found in tap water. Removes and reduces sediments, suspended solids, rust as well as significant impurities such as chlorine, phenols, heavy metals, pesticides, iron and other pollutants that appear in tap water. Improves the taste and quality of water, eliminates bad odor and "softens" water.

It has a modern design and is very easy to use.

Due to its portability it can be used outside the home, easily in the office and in the country.

Its dimensions allow it to fit in the refrigerator door for you to enjoy icy filtered water.

The jug has an indication of the life of the filter (from 100% to 0%) to remind the spare part change (compass type).

Available in red and blue.

CODE: 520696401262 (Red) & 520696401263 (Blue)


Total capacity: 2.8 lt

Useful capacity: 1.5 lt

Dimensions: 25x12x25 cm


Spare filter: MAXFOR + (Code 520696401264)

Filter duration: Up to 200 lt

Filter life indicator: Yes (compass type engineering)