Osmosis: Osmosis is a phenomenon in which two solutions, when separated by a semipermeable membrane, water will pass and will move from the thinner to the concentrated solution, so that it can be diluted and eventually be done and the same net.

This process is a natural phenomenon and thereby exchanged liquid in our body cells, as well as in animals and plants. The osmosis in conjunction with capillarity action is responsible for lifting the water from the roots to the leaves of the trees as the solutions of the sheets of cells are thicker as a result water to move these to be diluted.

Reverse Osmosis: The reverse of osmosis is reverse osmosis, in which water to be purified is forced to pass through a membrane that selectively allows only water molecules pass through it.

The outgoing water is free from any dirt, rust, salts, organic substances, fertilizers, pesticides, so any kind of dangerous microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. These contaminants discharged into drains along with a percentage of water.