In our point of view, if we could break down the pollutants into categories, there should be four categories.

(a) Solids: Soils, rust pipes, sediments, rocks, mud, asbestos fibers, plastic network fibers etc.


Filter solids. Problems such as these are present in all areas and at all the houses are very easy to addressed and at very low cost from our company.

(b) Chemicals: chloride, chloride by-products, pesticides etc.


The chemical elements are removed by carbon block. Carbon block is better than others, due to its treatment which is the more absorbent. 
The Veluda company is using carbon block which removes chemical 99.99 % . Rarely found in our water.

(c) Microbes (Germs): (faecal coliforms) do not meet often now because the city chlorinates the water, resulting the microorganisms elimination.


Wherever the microorganisms are found, the solution is found in ultraviolet radiation or ULTRA VIOLET UV LAMP which is manufactured in America and in Japan based on the top standards.

(d) Salts: The salts exist in excessive concentrations, in most areas of our country and create huge problems in the human body, electrical appliances and throughout the house installation. (calcium, magnesium, chromium, nitrates etc)


The R/O technology which is able to remove the excessive salt concentration, it can create water with the correct salt concentrations. The Veluda company is using R/O membranes of the great manufacturers globally and it also has special membrane sizes which are specially manufactured for Veluda company, so it can cover the needs for water softening.  As a result, we succeed the water softening from 10% to 99.99% depending on every region's needs.

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