World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5 and aims to increase awareness and action for the protection of the environment, it is the main vehicle of the United Nations. Today it is the flagship campaign to raise awareness among the world about issues such as environmental issues, marine pollution, global warming, sustainable consumption, etc. (Wikipedia)

What could we do to reduce pollution and actively contribute to the protection of the planet? Plastic bottles are one of the biggest contributors to the destruction of the planet. Just over a million plastic bottles are consumed every minute, although in recent decades we have become familiar with plastic recycling, this practice is not enough.

Most plastic bottles end up in landfills and the ocean. Plastic is increasingly invading the human food chain. (protagon)
In recent decades people have been buying plastic water bottles on a daily basis. Stats go beyond the red on the indicators.

But is bottled water in the plastic bottle safe? The answer is no, as it can contain harmful chemicals and hundreds of plastic fragments and poses a risk to human health. As consumers, how many times have we seen stacks of plastic bottles exposed for hours to the sun and heat? Sunlight, as well as heat, breaks down plastic, producing hundreds of dangerous chemicals. And the aftermath is worrying, as in the water, dangerous chemicals, as well as plastic particles, pass into our bodies...

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You should know that Veluda Water Filters remove soil, sediment, rust, stones, but also other particles, such as chlorine or insecticides, from tap water. They take up very little space, are durable and easily adapt to all faucets. Veluda filtration systems are available for installation, either above or below the kitchen counter. Regarding the filtering arrangement, they are available in two, three or even more stage systems.

Say NO to the use of plastic bottles!
We dreamed a dream of a clean environment for the children. Come with our time to make it happen!