How water affects the performance of athletes

It is a fact that  hydration and water intake are the most basic elements in the performance of athletes.  There is the wrong feeling that we need water only when we are thirsty, but the feeling of thirst is the last card of the body to motivate us to hydrate. Dehydration can occur among athletes, especially those who exercise in warm climates and/or at altitude. This is due to increased water loss due to sweating, and sweating rates can reach 3L  / h in extreme conditions.

Many athletes often suffer from musculoskeletal pains, are easily injured, are slow to recover from viral infections and infections and sometimes suffer from a lack of energy or motivation to continue or improve their training. In addition,people who play sports and especially when they exercise intensively or aim at championship, have increased needs of proper nutrition of the body, much more than people who do not exercise. Unfortunately, people who exercise not only do not feed properly, but in many cases in their effort to improve their performance damage their health irreparably. Most athletes have fallen into the trap of consuming "techno-moisturizing" products such as "isotonic", "energy", "electrolytic".

The most important of all, however, is an element that is the foundation of the body's health and which unfortunately no one today has appreciated enough:  Water. Water helps the athlete avoid premature fatigue and decreased performance,especially if he needs to travel forraces in areas with a warm climate, where exercise further increases body temperature and fluid loss. In addition,  water increases endurance, protects the heart and muscle cramps. One thing that an athlete doesn't want to happen to him during a race is a muscular cramp. When you exercise without having consumed enough fluids or when you have low levels of minerals, such as potassium or calcium, you are more prone to muscle cramps.

Finally, hydration is the main defense against injuries.The exercise of an organism that is dehydrated can also lead to minor injuries to the skeletal muscle or tendons. And as always it takes care of the quality of your water with a water filter for the reduced burden on your body.