Definitely the winter "cold" wash sound daunting but in summer that the temperature conditions are favorable, you must dare. Experts say that the cold bath has many benefits for our body and it is advisable to bring it in our daily habits. Besides, the ancient Greeks prefer after warm bath throwing cold water on them ("cold shower").

Let's look at some of the beneficial properties that have the cold bath:

  1. Strengthening the immune system. According to research, women who regularly use cold water in the bathroom, show an increase in the number of white blood cells compared with those using hot. White blood cells help our body against infections, viruses and diseases. With cold water, the rates of metabolism are increased thereby activate the immune system and cause growth of white blood cells.
  2. Improve blood circulation and detoxification. With warm water, the blood moves toward the skin and the cold is the opposite. Our body reacts to the cold water, increasing blood flow to the organs in order to stay warm. In this way, the blood circulate better, which contributes to maintaining good pressure and prevent hardening of the arteries and helps elimination of toxins from the body.
  3. Maintain healthy skin and shiny hair. Usually the morning pour hot water on our face, which opens pores and cleanses the skin. However, it is advisable then to pour cold water to close the pores. Moreover, blood vessels constrict from the cold water, disappears the swollen face and dark circles! It is a secret to shiny, healthy and tight skin. Equally useful is the cold water and for hair. Prevents outdoor pollutants entering it because of closes the pores.
  4. Wellness Challenge. With cold water, part of the brain that is responsible for increasing the noradrenaline stimulated thus caused being and mood rises. The nervous system balance and stress reduced! Prefer a cold shower, pour cold water on your face and in your hair and you will immediately feel its beneficial properties!