Iron & Manganese Removal Filter

Automatic multilayer carbon filters Iron & Manganese Removal Filter are the best solution for removing Iron, Manganese and Arsenic from water. The Pentair 263 / 740F automatic valve is timed, which means that when the preset time arrives, regeneration begins to restore the fillers they contain to their original state. The function of capturing and removing iron from manganese and arsenic is chemical and is based on their oxidation, the precipitation of their oxides and their final removal from water through self-cleaning. The filter contains a special mixture of iron desalination catalysts, suitable for drinking applications (food grade) with the main filler material being the high potassium MnO2 Supermanganese Potassium (Pyrolucite). Through this multilayer filter, excellent quality of filtered water is achieved that exceeds your requirements by removing Iron, Manganese, Arsenic and other substances harmful to our body.