Reverse Osmosis for Commercial & Industrial Use

Reverse osmosis systems for brackish water  with production of 180,300 & 500 lt/h

The V.WRO reverse osmosis systems are  fully automated and have  a microprocessor  and  digital display.

They are equipped with membranes  that allow the removal of salts up to 99,6 %  producing water free from bacteria, viruses and  pyrogenic.

These systems include a carbon filter with a filtration of 5  micron, which  helps  to remove suspended solids and chlorine.

They also contain the necessary components  and  sensors to measure  and  regulate the operation of the system  and guarantee the production of high quality water in accordance with the strictest specifications. They are also equipped with water conductivity meters, flow meters and pressure meters.

All hydraulic components  used in the system are of high quality,  resistant to corrosion  and suitable for drinking water.