Reverse osmosis system for Commercial & Industrial use

Reverse osmosis systems for  brackish water with a production of 700-3000  lt/h

The V.BWF reverse osmosis systems of the company VELUDA have  been designed  and  manufactured according to the highest requirements of quality, safety and noise level.They are  suitable  for  low  and medium supplies  where  brackish water or tap water is to be treated.

These systems  offer  chemical  and microbiological water treatment,  with a reduction of salts by 90-95%  and produce high quality water free from bacteria, viruses and  pyrogenic.  

Standard equipment for V.BWF devices  includes a head filter with a filtering pore of  1  micron  and a  high-pressure pumpmadeof  stainless steel.

All hydraulic components used in V.BWF systems are of high quality, resistant to corrosion  and  suitable for the  human  body. Thesesystems alsocontain  three pressure switches, a water conductivity meter,flowmeters,three adjustmentvalves and two pressure gauges.