Filter connected. Ability to provide hot and cold water. We may adapt four (4) filters to its internal cooler, including a pump.

Floor water cooler with the auxiliary of adding water purification filters. Its large production in cold and hot water makes it an ideal solution for the needs of business premises for business offices,  shops as well as for homes, etc. The choice of water filters is based on the requirements of the consumer as well as taking into account the quality of the water of each area.

Available in three options:

a) VI7100 (No filter) Without filters, to be connected directly to a water filtration system that pre-exists in the installation.  

Barcode: 520696400867

b) VI7100 (4 filters) With 4 filters to connect directly to our network, in areas with soft water free of salts.   

Barcode: 520696400892

c) VI7100 R/O With an integrated 5-stage reverse osmosis system and a pressing pump. It can be connected directly to our network in areas with very poor quality water with high hardness and conductivity.

Barcode: 520696400868


Power supplyAC 220 V - 240 V / 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Cooling system4 °C-10 °C
Compression1/10 HP
Cooling5 lt/hour
Capability90 W
Hot water system80 °C-90 °C
Hot water5 lt/hour
ProtectionBimetal thermostat
Capability500 W