Conductivity meter Pronto

Condactivity Hanna Pronto is a continuous-flow, waterproof, high-precision electrical conductivity meter with an optical LED alarm system. It is a dual polarized EC ammeter detector with integrated temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation and provides a fast response and high EC measurement accuracy. Conductivity exceeds the measurement range.Ideal for applications with low and high conductivity such as water treatment with reverse osmosis but even for deionized water.Due to its high accuracy can be used in any chemical laboratory, in agricultural laboratories with high requirements etc.

Available in 2 options based on conductivity measurement range:

a) Condactivity Hanna Pronto 0-10000 μS / cm. For measurement of conductivity from 0 to 10000 microSiemens. Barcode: 520696400758

b) Condactivity Hanna Pronto 0-20 μS / cm. For measurement of conductivity from 0 to 20 microSiemens. Barcode: 520696400757