The yarn filter (PS) is made of intertwined polypropylene fibers.

Thread filters are  non-toxic  and perfectly suitable for drinking water.

They contain an  inner polypropylene ring on which polypropylene fibers have been homogeneously knitted.

It removes particles, sediments, sand, rust, soil, etc. They are available in a wide variety of micron sizes  and characterizations and fit most commercial water filters according to their dimensions. They are  also distinguished according to the filtration pore  (micron), i.e. the size of the particles we want to remove from the water. The smaller the filtration resource of the better water filtration is done.


  • Material: Polypropylene Fibers
  • Maximum pressure: 6 bar
  • Maximum temperature 60 C°
  • Filtering Resource: 1-50micron
  • Efficiency 80 %
  • Internal Diameter: 28mm
  • External Diameter: 64mm