City Bottle

A Hermit crab that you can use for filtered drinking water is a safe and environmentally friendly way to reduce the use of plastic bottles while staying hydrated with clean drinking water throughout the day. In 4 wonderful colors, Green, pink, blue, gray.It is made of Tritan ™ - a waterproof material ideal for maximum quality for water storage, free from BPA, halogen, orthophthalates as other water bottles are made, but also from other harmful substances. It is safe, non-toxic and fits in small bags. It has a light weight, while the silky, durable wrist strap is made of a material that ensures easy transport without injuring the wrist.

It has an air duct where it helps the fluid flow to be ideal without the need for suction and difficulty in using and consuming water. It has a smart safety switch on the lid to protect you from the possibility of leaks.

Ideal for hot and cold drinks. You can place it next to you at night, especially the elderly, where during sleep, there is direct access to clean water. However, it is also ideal for children at school. You can have it with you for your gym or walks or even at your professional place

Thermo City Blue:520696401347

Thermo City Green:520696401348

Thermo City Pink:520696401349

Thermo City Grey:20696401350