Electronic leak detector 1/2 ''

The electronic controller is a simple and reliable 1/2 '' half leak controller that shuts off the water supply to the filtration system in the event of a leak which may be due to a transient increase in water pressure, incorrect installation or material failure. Battery operated, it is easy to install and compatible with all bottom bench filtration systems using 1/2 '', 3/8 '' and 1/4 '' piping. In case of water leakage from the filtration system, the sensor will detect moisture and the controller solenoid valve will stop the flow of water to the filter while at the same time an alarm will sound.


Barcode Mechanical Leak Stop: 520696401314

Battery operated solenoid valve

Automatic water shut off

Built in alarm

Low battery & Leak detection LED

Operating voltage 9V DC

Supply current typical 1.0 mA, maximum 15.0 mA

Cable length: 1.5 meter for solenoid valve cord

Connection: 1/2 ″

Max working Pressure: 8 bar

Environment temperature: -20 ~ 80 ° C