Mechanical flow meter

The Mechanical Flow Meter is a volumetric meter specially designed for the safety of water filtration systems (reverse osmosis, filter array, simple filter, etc.). The meter will first be set to an area of 1 to 6000 liters and then will stop the flow of water when it reaches the desired amount of liters. It is the appropriate tool for water countertop filters, in order to monitor the condition of the filters, but also to determine their replacement time.


  •  Barcode Mechanical Flow Meter : 520696400325
  •   Inlet-outlet: 1/4" NPT
  •   Std Capacity: 2.8 lt/min
  •   Operating pressure: 1.5 - 8 bar
  •   Operating Temperature:  5°- 45°C
  •   Dimensions: 9 OD x 6 cm