Water, both undervalued in the modern diet while decisively participate in all the mechanisms of our body. The following responses answer truths and myths about this precious element of our diet.

How important is water for our health?

Water is as important as oxygen to sustain life. Man can survive several weeks (4-6) without food, but water-free survival is impossible beyond week.

We need eight glasses of water a day is finally myth?

This advice is mnimonotechniko rule. They can not accurately determine the needs of the organism in water, because it depends on many factors. However, the minimum amount of water should be taken daily is a liter, in special cases, however, may be up to 2-3 liters.

How much water needs our body daily?

They depend on the activities and the type of food and our daily diet.

Juices, milk, tea, coffee can replace the water?

Juice or milk can not replace water because, besides water, contain extra nutrients and calories.

How will we know whether we are properly hydrated?

If we do not consume enough in normal circumstances thirsty. The mechanisms of thirst does not completely function in elderly, children, patients, when there is intense heat and strenuous physical activity.