Water and its benefits in our nutrition

It is known that water consumption is a necessary condition for our health all year round. This is because in our body water serves many purposes such as regulating our temperature, carrying nutrients, dissolving chemical compounds, eliminating waste materials, etc.

An example is adipose tissue which contains the least water, only 20%, a lower percentage even than our bones, while on the contrary muscle tissue has about 75% water, blood 90% and the brain 78%.

Many studies support that water consumption is beneficial in weight reduction.Also, hydration is the key to many factors that play a role in weight reduction, including digestion and muscle function.

The body of a healthy adult consists of at least 50% water. However, not all people have the same amount of water in their body. The total amount of body water depends on age, gender, etc.  Growing up a healthy man acquires 60% water in his body while a healthy woman gets 50% water in her body. This difference between the two sexes is due to the fact that women have more body fat and less muscle tissue than men.

But can water reallyhelp in weightloss? Water increases the burning of calories/metabolism. Drinking water can help burn calories. In a 2014 survey, 12 people who drank 500  mL  of cold and room temperature experienced an increase in energy consumption.

They burned about 2-3 percent more calories than usual, 90 minutes after they drank water. Water can temporarily increase energy consumption during rest or else the number of calories consumed while we sit down. Drinking cold water there is a greater improvement in calorie consumption, because the body spends energy, or calories, in order to prepare the temperature of water in the stomach for the process of digestion.

In addition, water is necessary in fat burning. Without water, the body cannot properly metabolize stored fat or carbohydrates.

The process of fat metabolism is called lipolysis. The first step of this process is the hydrolysis which occurs when water molecules react with triglycerides to produce glycerol and fatty acid.

The consumption of the right amount of water is necessary in the burning of fat contained in the food, but also in the burning of fat found in the body.

Finally, water helps to eliminate unnecessary substances from the body.  When the body is dehydrated, it can not properly eliminate unnecessary substances, that is, through urination or feces.

Water helps the kidneys filter out toxins and substances it doesn't need as long as the digestive system absorbs essential nutrients and electrolytes. When the body is dehydrated the kidneys retain fluids.

In conclusion, adequate water consumption is important for the proper functioning of the human body.  And as always it takes care of the quality of your water with a water filter for the reduced burden on your body.