1gr. Chlorine-free water disinfection tablet, which is applicable to many areas of use.

The Chlorine Dioxide tablet in packs of 1gr and 20gr can disinfect and kill bacteria, algae, fungi, protozoa and viruses that are particularly deadly to a human body. Compared to any other chemical method, the process of chlorine dioxide is a much better solution to eliminate pathogens. When you activate the tablet with water then the chlorine dioxide molecules undertake to kill a full range of fungi, pathogens, viruses, colonies fed by biofilm, methanogens and more. From this action there is no fear for materials such as water and our food as long as the dosages of the manufacturer are observed. Reacts quickly and safely to a permanent solution of chlorine dioxide with a concentration of 0.2%.

It eliminates 99.996% of germs, odors from sewers, odors from pets, resulting in clean water and clean pipes, without corroding the equipment. Final elimination of aquatic pathogens in nurseries, farmland, coops and stables, improving the performance of plants, poultry and animals.

Made in Canada and the manufacturer is NSFI / ANSI 60 certified.

Barcode 1gr Tablets Dutrion: 520696400362

Barcode 20gr Tablets Dutrion: 520696400361