Duozon is a stabilized chlorine dioxide in liquid form at a concentration of 10%.

Duozon is of German origin and is effective against bacteria, including Legionella. It is effective against the degradation of the biofilm, while minimizing iron, manganese and other minerals in the water supply networks. Increases the reduction potential of oxidation, without containing chlorite while reducing the organic deposits that may exist in the water network.

     Inorganic ClO₂ without chlorite.

     It is ready to use and does not need pH adjustment. Effective in a wide range of pH (4-10)

     It acts faster than chlorine, since it kills bacteria in a contact time of 8sec compared to the 20minute that chlorine wants

     Extremely effective against Legionella Pneumophilla

     High concentration product (109 gr / Lt)

     Licensed by the EOF with No. Resolution, ΑΠ107901 / Date: 21/12/2018

     NSF certified for oral use

Ideal tool for disinfection of reverse osmosis systems, refrigerators, closed water supply networks, piping and other applications. Available in vials of:

  • 1ml Chlorine Dioxide   Duozon     Barcode: 520696400683
  • 20ml Chlorine Dioxide Duozon        Barcode: 520696401276